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Caste systems exist in pockets in some African countries. Stigma is often attached to a caste, as a consequence “low caste” communities in Africa suffer various forms of social exclusion and discrimination.

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Modern Slavery is the severe exploitation of other people for personal or commercial gain Currently, there are over 40 million people in modern slavery, and one in four victims of modern forms of slavery is a child.

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Quilombolas are runaway African slaves
who settled down with Portugues, Brazillian
aboriginals, Arabs and Jews in Brazil Even
after decades of settling down, they are
discriminated as slaves

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Asia is home to the largest population ofthe
CDWD in the world, with India alone home
to over 200 million CDWD. Significant
populations of CDWD are also found in
Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan
and Yemen.

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Roma as an umbrella term encompasses a
ride of different people of Romani origin. It
also encompasses several groups such as
Ahkali, Egyptians, Yenish, Dom, Lom, Rom
and Abdal, as well as travellerpopulations.

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Any distinction, exclusion, restriction or
preference based on inherited status such
as caste including present or ancestral
occupation, family, community of social
origin, name, birthplace, place of residence,
dialect and accent that has the purpose or
effect of nullifying or impairing the
recognition, enjoyment, or exercise, an on
equal footing, of human rights and
fundamental freedoms in the political,
economic, social, cultural or any other field
ofpublic life.