Global Profile and a Common Framework to Eliminate the Practice
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Discrimination Based on Work and Descent and Untouchability – Global Profile and a Common Framework to Eliminate the Practice

This report speaks to a wide range of audiences such human rights defenders, activists, community leaders and people alike who have been fighting for the rights of the discriminated communities to understand and explore the similarities in the forms of discrimination existing in , Asia, Europe, UK and . The primary objective of the report for the targeted audiences is to see if there live any similarities, look for the possibilities if these affected communities referred under the boarder umbrella term identified by United Nations as the communities discriminated based on work on the descent. Further, this report is envisioned to shed lights on each of the countries progress so far in addressing the issues of social and hierarchical discrimination at the national and international
level through, constitutional amendments, legislation, program and policies.

The report is a result of extensive desk research based on UN OHCR, Special Rapporteur and CSO reports.The researchers have timely consulted and received feedback from DWD community leaders from respective countriesand have sufficiently tried to deal with any discrepancies in the data and information. However due to time constraints; lack of grassroot level survey data, there may be possibility of scanty data especially relating to African countries. The research report is first of its kind and is written to act as a guiding document for further research on global DWD Human Rights Issues. Feedback and collaboration are welcomed from local or international civil society organizations, leaders from DWD communities and Human Rights Defenders working on the issues of DWD or from government agencies.