Land and Human Rights Situation of Indigenous People of the Plain Land in Bangladesh

Around 3.5 lakhIndigenous Peoples (IPs) of plain land in the northern districts (16 districts
under Rajahsahi and Rangpur Divisions) of Bangladesh are subject to various types of violence because of their indigenous identity, of which eviction from land is the most common phenomenon. Dispossession of traditional land and natural resources is a common problem for the IPs.

According to a report, plain-land-indigenous-communities including Santal, Hajong, Khashi, Oraon, Dalu, Patro and Pahan lost over 6 lakh bighas(.33 acre = 1 bigha) of land to the grabbers in last 30 years. In 2014 about 200 families (HHs) were evicted from their ancestral homesteads, while including 300 families in plain lands are currently facing eviction threat. The affected IPs in the Dinajpur district are severe victims of such land grabbing by the mainstream influential people.

The full report, prepared by Nagorik Uddyog, follows:

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