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Akhdam women tell their stories of violence, injustice & poverty in Yemen

The video explores the hardships faced by Akhdam women in Yemen, shedding light on the injustices inflicted upon them. The term ‘Akhdam,' singular Khadem, translates to “servant” in Arabic, representing a distinct social group in Yemen. Distinguished by their darker skin and African descent, despite being Arabic-speaking and practicing Muslims, they are marginalized as non-Arabs and relegated to a low status. Enduring pervasive discrimination, the Akhdam community is often confined to menial labor and subjected to disdain.

In a society already grappling with patriarchal structures and widespread poverty, the Akhdam face heightened challenges. The scorn and discrimination directed towards them make Akhdam women particularly vulnerable to violence and abuse. Tragically, these women are frequently targeted in hate-driven attacks and endure sexual assaults without adequate legal or social recourse. The video provides a poignant glimpse into the struggles and injustices faced by Akhdam women in a society marked by systemic biases and social inequalities.

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