Pakistan’s caste system: The untouchable’s struggle

Meet Sabir Arif, a finance and cost management student at a private institution in Lahore, whose resilience shines through despite living in a makeshift hut crafted from wood, cloth, and plastic sheets. Sabir's sole income comes from providing private tuitions, a means to sustain his humble abode.

Born into the challenging circumstances of a daily wager's family, Sabir is not the stereotypical victim of extreme poverty in the city. Reflecting on his past experiences, including reading Russian literature while scavenging old storybooks in seventh grade, Sabir reveals that his greatest life challenge stems from his – being born a Deendar Changar, Pakistan's equivalent of the ‘untouchables'.

This video unveils Sabir's inspiring journey, highlighting the hurdles he faces due to societal biases and the determination that propels him forward despite adversity.

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